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JUDcare Portable Ward sRoom helps Malaysia fight against the COVID-19 pandemic



In January 2021, a complete set of high mobility, multi-functional, modular design rescue equipment—JUDcare Portable Ward sRoom entered HOSPITAL LAHAD DATU, Malaysia, and provided the most urgently needed negative pressure isolation ward solution for Malaysian front-line medical staff. HOSPITAL LAHAD DATU was established in 1962 and is located in Sabah, Malaysia's severely affected state. It is called Anne Hospital by the locals. As a covid-19 treatment hospital designated by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, HOSPITAL LAHAD DATU can accommodate 268 patients in the hospital for treatment. After the installation of the JUDcare sRoom in the hospital, it has received unanimous praise from the medical staff.

As of January 20, 2021, Malaysia has a total of 165,371 confirmed cases of COVID-19, among which 39,464 are currently confirmed. Medical institutions have been unable to cope with the daily increase of more than 2,000 cases. According to Bloomberg News on the 12th, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the King of Malaysia officially declared a state of emergency, and the entire health system is at a "critical point." The application of sRoom in HOSPITAL LAHAD DATU in Malaysia has alleviated the problem of insufficient isolation wards in Malaysia and can effectively reduce the rate of nosocomial infections.


The Portable Ward sRoom integrating the craftsmen’s pursuit of technology, speed and efficiency. The installation can be completed in 10 minutes, which can provide strong equipment support for emergency defense when respiratory infectious diseases pose a major threat to humans, which is suitable for the needs of hospitals for the combination of peacetime and wartime under the current pandemic situation. In addition to being placed in the infectious diseases department, respiratory department, fever clinic, ICU ward, emergency department, fever sentinel and other places of medical institutions, it is also applicable to airports, passenger stations, entry and exit gates, prisons, large enterprises and institutions, schools and other places.



01 Portable & efficient: mobile and flexible, built within 10 minutes

02 Cost-saving: peacetime and wartime combining, avoiding redundant construction

03 Comprehensive isolation: internal negative pressure, directional airflow, airtight space

04 High-efficiency filtration: Multiple filtration of air supply and exhaust, dilute the concentration of pathogens in the ward

05 Intelligent interaction: Real-time monitoring of ward status, clear and intuitive operation interface

06 Safe & reliable: emergency power supply, dual-channel control to ensure the normal operation of the ward

“We are glad to provide technical and product support for Malaysia's fight against the covid-19 pandemic and help Malaysia overcome the pandemic “Says Henson He, General manager of JUDcare. We expect that in the coming time, JUDcare’s high mobility, multi-functional, and modular rescue equipment can enter more medical institutions and public places, and contribute giant forces to the global fight against the pandemic, and jointly win the battle against pandemic prevention & control.