Judcare Portable Ward sRoom Participated in the 14th Annual Meeting of Chinese Hospital Directors


From 25th,Sep to 27th, Sep, the 14th Annual Meeting of Presidents of Chinese Hospitals was grandly held in Xiamen International Conference Center. This meeting set the topic of “Epidemic situation changed to new situation”, through offline and online "extraordinary period" mode, bringing together domestic medical executives and industry leaders, promote the construction of disease prevention and control system, improve the ability to detect and deal with major public health emergencies, strengthen the construction of a major epidemic treatment system, the rapid advancement of reforms such as improving public health laws and regulations.



Judcare unveiled its new Portable Ward sRoom in the field of infection control at the Xiamen Conference, attracted the attention of management backbones and medical experts from various hospitals across the country. The scene was very popular. At present, Judcare has conducted good communication and exchanges with many domestic hospitals, I believe that in the future, the Judcare Portable Ward sRoom can exert its strength in the battlefield of fighting the epidemic, and actively contribute Chinese wisdom and power to the global epidemic prevention and control.