Portable Sampling Booth

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Portable Sampling Booth展开2
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  • Positive Pressure Protection
  • Portable & High Efficiency
  • Safe & Comfortable
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Portable Sampling Booth is a high motility, multifunctional, and modular station, which integrates positive pressure protectiontemperature adjustment, fresh air purification, and storage functions. It can quickly improve the sampling capabilities of medical institutions and improve the sampling working environment of medical staff.

Portable Sampling Booth can be set up within 10 minutes, the medical workers could collection the specimen without wearing the protective clothing to save the protective materials and avoid cross-infection, meanwhile equipped with a positive pressure protection system with multiple filtering and purification functions, the filtered clean air flow is sent to the sampling station to ensure the environmental safety of the sampling station.

Lightweight design, equipped with universal wheels, small and precise, strong adaptability, can assist medical institutions to quickly complete large-scale nucleic acid sampling, achieving early detection, early isolation, early diagnosis, and early treatment.


Product Parameter


Special Advantages
Fast & Easy to deploy
The compact size makes the Booth easy to store and transport. It can be set up within 10 minutes and easily transferred with casters.


Efficiently Filter
The dual filtration of air inlet introduces at least 95% clean air; More than 35 ACH(the number of air change per hour) brings 150m³/h complete fresh air and enables fast removal of infectious particles, creating the safest possible air supply.


Safe & Comfort
Positive pressure keeps contaminants out, which liberates medical staff from the heavy protective suit. The self-contained temperature control system with flexible adjustment from 20°C to 27°C, ensuring a comfortable medical environment.


Intelligent Interaction
With full touch screen and intuitive UI, the status information including pressure difference and temperature of the station can be quickly accessed. The self-checking system is capable of monitoring the status in real-time.


Application Scenario

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